Verrucae Treatment – Dry Needling

Verrucae are a viral infection in the skin on the foot and there are many treatments available to eliminate them. Here at The Accolade Clinic we can treat verrucae using “Dry Needling”.

This affective technique involves making the affected area of the foot numb with a local anesthetic, then paring away the overlying dead tissue. Once this is achieved, a sterile needle to inserted into the  infected skin many, many times.

This disturbs the skin integrity and allows some bleeding.

A sterile dressing is applied after the procedure and patients are advised to rest for just a couple of days.

Patients are seen back in clinic approximately 3-4 days later to check the site. A follow up appointment is then advised 10-12 weeks later.

Verrucae can take anywhere between 3 and 12 months to disappear following this effective treatment.

As practitioners need to be competent in the use of advanced anesthesia, very few practices offer this effective treatment for verrucae.

We have found that dry needling has a 70-75% success rate at either completely eliminating or substantially reducing the size of painful verrucae.