Our Charges

We endeavor to keep our professional charges to a minimum. Listed below are our current charges for the services / treatments we offer.


Initial Assessment & Treatment £30
Follow up Treatment £28
Verrucae – Verrutop (per appointment) £40
Verrucae – Cryosurgery (3 appointments) £100
Verrucae – Dry Needling (treatment & 1 review appointment) £100
Nail Surgery (surgery &  up to 3 review appointments) £200
Biomechanical Assessment  £40
Video Gait Analysis £50
Orthotics / Insoles From £25
Steroid Injection £70
Acupuncture £35
Diabetic Foot Assessment (no treatment included) £20
Medical Pedicure £40
Medical Pedicure with a Prende Warm Wax Therapy £55
Prende Warm Wax Therapy (without Podiatry Treatment) £30
PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to charge patients for non-attendance or in advance of any future booking.



 We accept cash, Apple Pay and all major cards