Fancy a little Pampering?

What is a Medical Pedicure?

Medical Pedicures combine the professional clinical treatment of your feet with a little bit of extra pampering your feet deserve.

Our standard Medical Pedicures provide you with full Podiatry treatment with a full foot massage using either CCS foot cream or aromatherapy oils.


Following your Medical Pedicure you can choose a number of optional Add Ons:


Nail Polish / Acrylic Gel Application


Why not bring your own nail polish for us to apply?

Alternatively choose to add one of our Dr’s Remedy nail polishes or acrylic nail gels for a long lasting and durable cosmetic finish.

Podicure Warm Wax Therapy

The Prende Podicure Warm Wax Therapy system involves the application of an intense skin and nail oil, followed by a warm paraffin wax application. To finish, Ukreka or CCS 10% urea cream is applied.


The result – smooth, soft and invigorated skin.


Why not add a Warm Wax Therapy to your Medical Pedicure? We also offer them as a stand alone therapy.